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Farmer's Market Food Sorting Set


Pia The Fill & Spill Piñata™


B-Suction Toy Funny Horse


B-Rattle Symphony Peacock


B-Rattle Symphony Frog


Time Activity Set


Numberblock One


B-Suction Toy Funny Smart Owl


Carlos The Count & Pop Cactus™


Maisies Top Toy

Maisie's Top Toy For Early Years

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"Roughly 80% of brain development is completed by the age of three and 90 % by the age of five. This means a child cannot wait for primary school for the  learning to begin."

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Through play, children develop so many life skills.  Play will introduce language, emotions and creativity, plus social and intellectual skills. This is no more evident than in early years play when it is still natural and spontaneous. At Groovy Granny we have selected toys and games that will help encourage and complement this journey.