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Sensory Fidget Tubes


Mindful Maze Set


Pawz The Calming Pup™


Express Your Feelings Sensory Bottles


My Feelings Rainbow Fidget


Teachable Touchables™ Texture Squares


All About Me Sorting Neighbourhood Set


Big Feelings Pineapple™


Express Your Feelings Sensory Bottles


Maisies Top Toy

Maisie's Top Toy For SEL

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Social Emotional Learning (SEL) explained...


Our world is daunting and exciting in equal measure, and the classroom is the place where children are often first introduced to people from different backgrounds, differing beliefs and unique capabilities. To help put children on an equal footing and succeed, our range of SEL toys has been developed to help children better understand their thoughts and emotions, become more self-aware and develop more empathy for others within their community and the world around them. Therefore, guiding children in their SEL skills will help them learn to engage positively with their world and enjoy healthy interpersonal relationships. Building self-awareness and self-management skills, developing the resilience to better cope with life’s challenges.