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Design & Drill® Marble Maze

Why you should choose…

  • This STEM skills extravaganza challenges children to put their critical thinking skills to the test as they explore principles of science and engineering to design their own simple marble maze track
  • The set includes a design board, 15 track pieces including an S track, straightaways, pinwheels, and more, a child-friendly power drill, 20 bolts, a ball, 2 wall brackets, and 5 double-sided maze challenge cards for literally hours of endless fun! 
  • Mini-makers use a child-friendly power drill and bolts to attach 15 track pieces of varying lengths and shapes to complete 10 different maze challenges


Maisie Opinion

Daddy and I spend hours making Amazing mazes!!! 


More about the Design & Drill Marble Maze

Design & Drill Marble Maze is a fun STEM activity set ideal for cause-and-effect learning through play. Mini makers choose a maze challenge card, create the maze design using the drill, bolts, and track pieces, drop in a marble and watch it go! Children can use the 10 predesigned maze challenges or create their own. Track pieces vary in length and design, and offer lots of fun, open-ended, creative STEM play opportunities. The set includes a maze board, 15 track pieces, 20 bolts, 2 legs, a power drill, 10 double-sided challenge cards, and 2 wall brackets.


Dimensions (L x W x H): 27.90cm x 33.00cm x 9.50cm

Package Dimensions (L x W x H): 29.50cm x 37.10cm x 34.30cm

Age Minimum: 5+ Years

Assembly Required: Yes

Batteries: 3 AAA Batteries Required

Instructions & Care

Clean before use with a damp cloth and mild soap. Air Dry. Do not immerse in water.

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