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Hot Dots® Learn At Home Reading & Maths Set 2

Why you should choose…

  • Immediate audio sound effects and visual feedback enables children to learn on their own at their own pace 
  • Each spiral-bound book has 50 colourful pages and is durable and easy for young children to use.
  • The set is ideal for learning at home or on the go and is a great way to support and practise what children learn in the classroom
  • Helps build academic confidence and encourages independence


Josh Opinion

Practising early years maths and reading skills is fun with the Hot Dots® Light-Up Interactive Pen and high-quality maths and reading books


More about the Hot Dots® Learn At Home Reading & Maths Set 2

Hot Dots® is a unique self-paced learning system that’s ideal for independent maths and literacy practice at home. Each of these sets includes a maths activity book, literacy activity book, and Hot Dots Light-up Interactive Pen. There are 100 pages of activities per set to keep kids busy and learning. To use, children simply press the Hot Dots Pen tip to an answer dot for an immediate sound and/or light response. 


Dimensions (L x W x H): 26.40cm x 29.50cm x 3.80cm

Age Minimum: 5+ years

Assembly Required: Yes

Batteries: None required

Instructions & Care

Wipe clean. Do not Soak. 

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